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This site will be gathering resources related to the NSA's recently revealed clandestine spying activities. Now that it is a matter of public record, it is our responsibility to have a discussion and make a conscious decision as a society (and in relation to the rest of the people we share this world with) on whether this is a path we wish to go down.

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  • Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters - 2014-10
Once the technical and legal framework is created to exercise this type of capability (total surveillance, infinite storage, total history data mining), it is only policy that restrains its use.
Note, that earlier this year, the USSC dismissed the Clapper v Amnesty International case because of the Catch-22 that the plaintiffs could not prove that they were targeted. As long as these programs are kept secret, the law does not work.  This should not be acceptable in a democratic republic.
Obviously, this should be secondary to the focus on what he actually blew the whistle about, but the reason Snowden had to whistleblow to journalists is because yes, there is a process - taking his concerns to the NSA/DOD Inspector Generals. In fact, that is exactly what prior ex-NSA agents did.  This was both ineffective in reaching the American public: 90% of the report was redacted and there was almost no mainstream coverage, but this was still used against them with raids by the FBI, and prosecution by the DOJ under the Espionage Act.
US Government officials and Intelligence bureaucrats especially have been shown to use
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Leonard L 2013-10-11
Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong, Russia were a 'diversion'
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